The Max Orginals

Large, wild, and wonderful wooden bow ties.

Creating wooden bow ties is something we have to enjoy very much. We love to show off the wood grains, and the subtle and dapper designs. But, our inspiration to even get started in the unusual niche we are in is the larger-than-life Max Leslie Moser. Soon to be 93 years old, Max is tall and lean, curls his long gray mustache and is locally infamous as The Bow Tie Guy. He loves to wear strange and surprising, wonderfully colored bow ties. We have presented Max with many ties, sometimes his response would be something like, "Nice, but if it had glitter that would be better." Though we only make glittery ties for Max, we do want to always take cues from the idea that weird and wild can be wonderful.

Our Max Originals wooden bow ties are created to celebrate Max, his kindness, uniqueness, integrity, and character. We have adopted "character, design and integrity" as our mantra as we strive to follow Max's wonderful example.

Wooden bow ties are a wonderful unique accessory, and as we continue to create new and exclusive styles and designs these one-of-a-kind gifts continue to awe and inspire.

Max originals can be customized for your sport, grand opening, school or club, or for that very special someone.