Unitended Benifits

With the starting of a new business we have been able to serve in places we wouldn't have guessed. We created an acrylic ornament for my daughter, and our first grandchild. It turned out wonderfully, and she showed it off pretty well and got a lot of good feedback. A good friend of ours who lost her son when he was two years old saw the ornaments, and quickly put in a request. We ended up doing 6 ornaments for her.

We have a young lady in our neighborhood who lost her son at birth. We reached out to her and asked if we could create a couple ornaments for her family. She was able to bring some pictures the hospital gave her, but was not able to pick a picture. We created 3 ornaments for her, one of the baby's hands, one of his feet, and one of him 'sleeping'.

What a blessing it has been, and we are now looking for ways to continue to serve these wonderful people who have lost the little lights in their lives.

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