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We call it "Bow Tie Tuesday" but no matter what day you show off your dapper with a bow tie, we have what you have been looking for. Wearing a bow tie is a wonderful way to up your style quotient and we want to help you look sharp and stand out in a crowd, whether you are in the office with defense attorneys, switching out the long tie once a week as a business professional, dressing dangerous for a night out or putting on your finest for Sunday services we can help you stand out in a crowd.

Every week we spotlight a different cool wooden bow tie at wonderful discounts because we want you to show off your personality, your style, your dapper.

From the sleek straight bow tie shape (we call M.Sc.), to the classic bow tie shapes (aka Jr. and Sr.), the large and in charge butterfly bow tie (we refer to as D.Phil.), the dangerously dapper diamond bow tie shape (nick named the Ph.D.), or the wonderfully elegant club round bow tie shape (wit hthe alias of Esq.). And, heck, if you want to make sure you are noticed we also create larger, wonderful eye popping designs we call the Max Originals.