Club Round

The 'club round' is quickly becoming the favorite wooden bow tie style. Just like the name states, this type of bow tie has unique rounded ends, and though more rarely seen than other bow tie shapes is becoming more popular especially with the opportunity for garish patterns and asymmetrical designs.

We create our Esquire series wooden bow ties with our best quality woods. Our rich cherry which always engraves beautifully. Engraved maple wood creates vivid and bright but more subtle effect. Red oak is an intense tightly grained wood that works wonderfully in dimensional cut patterns. Dark and deep mahogany is a beautiful new replacement to boring black ties. And walnut, oh what can you say about walnut besides, wow?

Engraved with the most elegant patterns, these ties show off both old and new.

Approx. 1.75" tall, 5" wide, and .5" thick.