Known as the butterfly, or thistle shape in the material world, we refer to these wooden bow ties as D.Phil. Why D.Phil. you may ask, well that is a great question. D.Phil. stands for Doctor of Philosophy (or Latin Philosophaie Doctor), which means many, many years of school and hard work. So, when these professors, researchers and scientists finally make it to the big time they want a cool bow tie to make everyone knows they are smart. And, smart is the perfect word for these wooden ties. Laser engraved from a dozen different woods, with vintage tried and true patterns and motifs these tie are a bit bigger. At 5.25" wide and  2.25" tall and usually with a contrasting wood border, these ties demand respect.

We use the D.Phil. shape for big and bold patterns such as houndstooth, eisinger, diamond, tribal, persian, stars and stripes. We have worked hard and want to be noticed, and our D.Phil. wooden ties help.