Laser Engraved Wooden Bow Ties and Laser Etched Products

Our wooden bow ties are inspired a now 92 year old gentleman who has over 500 wonderful and wild bow ties. Max Moser, as well as his late wife, are remarkable characters. I have learned from them to look at things from a different point of view. To see the good, the unique, the wonderful, especially when it comes from a place you don’t expect. That is, in a very big part, what we wanted share by starting this business.

Max is special, not because he is the “Bow Tie Guy”, but because of his empathy, his perspective on life, and his understanding of what is most important.

As a company we want to follow Max’s example and be different, to stand out in a crowd, not just in what we wear, but who we are. We want make things the very best we can, and have our creations become heirlooms. And we strive to learn more, be better, do better, work smarter, give more today than yesterday. That’s why our mantra is Character - Design - Integrity.