Kids Alligator

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Kids Dundee, Alligator Head Wood Bow Tie

A kids or 'wee' version of a design inspired by a our friends at Reptile Adventures. This alligator wood bow tie is created cut out of red oak and cherry woods. This is the epitome of #dangerouslydapper. Heck, the bottom jaw actually moves.

This custom bow tie is a part of the Slim Collection. Our Slim Collection is focused on helping you make a trendy. This collection uses the Straight (a.k.a Batwing) shape style –this shape is thin and symmetrical, which makes for a sleek, clean impression. This shape is paired with designs and patterns that range from classic and elegant to modern and funky.

Red Oak is a lighter wood with a red tone and smaller grain. We use red oak for bow ties with big, bold designs that rely on outstanding shapes.

Cherry is our favorite wood to engrave. Wood bow ties made from cherry have good contrast, so we use cherry for bow ties with intricately engraved designs. The great contrast and naturally large grain of cherry means that these bow ties are highly recognizable.

Diverting and dapper!

Our smaller "wee" ties are approx 1.25" tall and 3.5" wide. The adjustable strap fits smaller necks 7" - 14" in diameter.