Provo City Center Utah Temple Layered Wood Plaque

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Provo City Center Utah Temple Plaque

This original design is created out 9 layers of laser cut birch, cherry, red cedar, and stained birch woods.

Each layer is slightly different than the one above and uses design elements that reflect the unique architectural detail found in this specific temple, an effect that is relaxing and mesmerizing.

This unique piece of inspirational artwork makes a special gift for friends, newly weds and loved ones. It can be showcased in your home or office, hung on a  wall or displayed on a desk or shelf.

The Provo City Center Utah Temple Layer Plaque has been created in 3 sizes. This custom laser cut design is gorgeous and durable and includes a wooden box for shipping and storage, though you will want to show it off in a prominent place.


The temple is located on the property where the Provo Tabernacle once stood. Historically, the tabernacle was used for church meetings and cultural events. In the early morning of December 17, 2010, a fire was reported at the tabernacle where firefighters found smoke coming from the building. At first firefighters thought that there might be a chance to save the roof and thus the outward structural integrity of the building, but at around 6:00 AM the roof collapsed.

During construction, the structure was fortified with six to 10 inches of reinforced concrete, combined with three rows of brick. It was supported on a structure of steel and concrete piles set at the planned altitude for the final building. Space for two below-grade stories was excavated before beginning work on the above-ground portions of the temple. The excavation went down 40 feet. On March 31, 2014, a statue of the angel Moroni was installed on top of the temple.